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Most Recent Publications

Scaling of urban amenities: generative statistics and implications for urban planning

T Kaufmann, L Radaelli, L Bettencourt, E Shmueli - EPJ Data Science, 2022.

Why the Internet Must Become More Like a City

L. Bettencourt. The Crisis of Democracy in the Age of Cities, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Ed. Juval Portugali.

Statistical dynamics of wealth inequality in stochastic models of growth

JT Kemp, L Bettencourt - Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 2022

Scaling of Hunter-Gatherer Camp Size and Human Sociality

J Lobo, T Whitelaw, L Bettencourt, P Wiessner, Michael E Smith, Scott Ortman- Current Anthropology, 2022. 

Human Development in US Cities and Neighborhoods

S Sheth, L Bettencourt (preprint)

Evidence and theory for lower rates of depression in larger US urban areas

Andrew J Stier, Kathryn E Schertz, Nak Won Rim, Carlos Cardenas-Iniguez, Benjamin B Lahey,

L Bettencourt, Marc G Berman  - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2021

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